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New Style Route and Destination T-Shirts

Its always cool to be able to wear a route you have done and kinda claim some bragging rights.  Being motorcyclists we are always on the look out for roads that people have ridden or great routes, and we have quite a list!  But you dont have to ride a motorcycle to wear our t-shirts – hey you don’t even have had to do the route, if you like it wear it 😉 The last few days we have been [...]


North Coast 500 NC500 Mens T-Shirt Womens TShirt Clothing Scotland Road Trip

Just finished designing the first of our North Coast 500 (NC500) tshirts.  So travel in comfort and style as you drive or ride round one of the best road trips in UK and wear one of our NC500 TShirts Based on an American number plate with NC500 in nice large font across the middle so everyone know why you are smiling so much 🙂  Then there is the Scottish flag and an outline of the route behind the large NC500 [...]


Even more t-shirts to choose from

Wow we have been really busy these last few weeks!! We have released loads of new designs from motorbike tshirts to quite a few geek based t-shirts and even one destination t shirt for the North Coast 500 (NC500) in scotland. To view and buy simply choose from the menu options and then click on the ‘Select Colour / Size’ button to order

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Whooo! OuterShell is Live!

OuterShell T-Shirts is finally live! Finally after months of ‘umming and head scratching on whether it could be done, and then days working on the new website we have finally done it! We have partnered up with Clothes2Order for our production which allows us to concentrate on our designs. C2O are based here in the UK and their DTG printing is excellent. When you finally place your order you do so at C2O secure checkout, so you are nice [...]