New Style Route and Destination T-Shirts

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New Style Route and Destination T-Shirts

Its always cool to be able to wear a route you have done and kinda claim some bragging rights.  Being motorcyclists we are always on the look out for roads that people have ridden or great routes, and we have quite a list!  But you dont have to ride a motorcycle to wear our t-shirts – hey you don’t even have had to do the route, if you like it wear it 😉

The last few days we have been working on a new style in our Routes and Destinations T-Shirts section to complement the style based on an American number plate.  And we kinda like ’em.

This latest style has a larger outline of the route running down the front of the t-shirt with the name of the route along with a fact panel about the road (country, location, local road number, length etc).

At the moment there are three of the latest style……

The Altantic Ocean Road and Tunnel road trip t shirt

atlantic ocean road route tshirt

The outline of the route runs along county road 64 throught to Kristiansund. The title words are in light blue and the fact panel is in a distressed style font.

Click for more info on our Atlantic Ocean Road t-shirt


Transfăgărășan Highway T-Shirt North

To get the best out of this road we have produced two tshirts for the Transfăgărășan Highway in Romania.  A Northern and Southern part of the route.  The Northern t-shirt has the route running up to near to Bâlea Lake and the tunnel.  The facts panel shows info like length, altitude, local road number, oh and a flag (we like flags)!

transfagarasan highway tshirt design

Click for more info on the Transfăgărășan Highway t-shirt – Northern Section


Transfăgărășan Highway T-Shirt South

This t shirt follows the path of the route round Lake Vidraru.  We think the addition of the lake really adds to this design – what do you think?

tshirt for transfagarasan highway

This is a close up of the southern section of the Transfăgărășan Highway in Romania.

Click for more info and to (maybe) purchase the  Transfăgărășan Highway t-shirt – Southern Section


What better gift to yourself either before or after completing one of the routes above with our Atlantic Ocean Road T-Shirt or one (or both) of the Transfăgărășan Highway t-shirts


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